The Deepness with Llupa 054

The Deepness with Llupa 054

A bit of a break due to a fractured elbow (failing at Mountain Biking) and a trip over Xmas and NYE to Hong Kong (which was epic, even with a dodgy arm). Great to be back and with some new artists and labels in the form of Shai T, Philipp Gonzales, MayDan, Paul Baule, Wisqo, Cornucopia and fresh stuff from Dahu, Alex Niggemann, Sezer Uysal, Brian Cid and Budakid – enjoy!

The Deepness with Llupa – 054 – 10th January 2019


01. Serkan Eles – Bogoh (Timboletti Remix) [Acker Records]
02. Nu – Geno (Bedouin Remix) [Sprinkler]
03. Wisqo – Farres (Hrag Mikkel Remix) [Lump Records]
04. Shai T – Suzan [Bercana Music]
05. Nicone, Enda Gallery – Listen To My Soul (Dark Soul Version) [Bar 25 Music]
06. Budakid – Freedom of Movement [Rebellion der Traumer]
07. Dahu – Primordial [Radikon]
08. Philipp Gonzales – Sure Thing [Bondage Music]
09. Stereo MC’s, Third Son – Assimo (feat. Stereo MC’s) (Extended Mix) [Skint Records]
10. Alex Niggemann – Orion [Aeon]
11. Looke – What Else (Oliver Schories Remix) [Cosmic Society]
12. Dave Seaman – Rapscallion’s Revenge (Original 12″ Mix) [Selador]
13. Sezer Uysal – Wrong Trip [Voltaire Music]
14. Markus Homm, Benny Grauer – Deep Dive [Cyclic Records]
15. Ed Ed, Lunapark – 1982 Feat. Lunapark (Ed Ed’s Bluemoon Mix) [Exploited]
16. Ariose (UK) – Ambedo (Pete Oak Remix) [Aftertech Records]
17. MayDan – White Gold [Sudbeat Music]
18. Nairo, Sarcasmo – Elysium [KDB]
19. Paul Baule – Dantooine [Click Records]
20. Mind The Gaap – Slick [SOSO]
21. FatouMata, Juan – Panther [DELYSID]
22. Brian Cid – Eden [Balance Music]
23. Budakid – Amalia [Radikon]
24. Cornucopia – Forever Gone [microCastle]